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Bondtech LGX Steel Drive Train Upgrade Set

Bondtech LGX Steel Drive Train Upgrade Set


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Push Harder! Full Steel Ahead!

Set of parts made of Hardened Steel to replace the plastic Drive and Main Double Gears on a Bondtech Large Gears eXtruder :

  • LGX;
  • LGX Lite;
  • LGX Lite Mirrored.
Recommended to feed Engineering grade thermoplastics.

To use our LGX extruders above our default recommendations:

  • with thicker mounting plates;
  • at higher environment temperatures;
  • at higher stepper motor currents.
— Lubrication is mandatory —

These drive gears are made of hardened steel. Without lubrication they will wear your motor gear down.
Use a brush and the supplied lubricant to coat the drive gear teeth.

— Metal gears conduct heat —

To feed PLA or TPU (low Glass Transition Temperature materials)
keep the stepper motor cool (current at, or below, 0.5A).

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