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Extra Tough Keychain Holder for Apple AirTag

Extra Tough Keychain Holder for Apple AirTag

HPI Technology Limited

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Our keychain case for Apple AirTag is designed with toughness in mind. Made from a durable polymer, a minor amount of flex allows for shock absorption whilst protecting the Tag from compressive forces.

With a pleasing knurled finish and a range of colours (a practical hi-viz orange, or more subtle black/white), you can choose form over function or vice-versa.

The screw-on cap stays fastened just finger-tight, and the coin slot should only be used to loosen the case if it becomes stubborn after being closed for a long period.

The case includes a metal loop "snap ring" to attach to your keys. Simply open the package, drop your AirTag into the larger half, screw the cap on with your fingers, and attach to your keys.

HPI Technology Limited owns all rights to this design/intellectual property. This design has been created by HPI Technology from a blank canvas and does not steal IP from online sources.



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