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Olympus OM-1 Camera Battery Adapter Triple Pack

Olympus OM-1 Camera Battery Adapter Triple Pack

HPI Technology Limited

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This triple pack of plastic adapters will reduce the physical size of the Olympus OM-1 SLR 35mm camera battery chamber to use modern battery alternatives.

This adapter allows for a good fit with 675 hearing aid batteries (zinc-air type), SR44 and LR44 batteries inside the camera. Personally, I prefer 675 batteries as these are closer in voltage to the originally specified battery and therefore give a closer light meter reading to reality.

The advantage of this adapter is not having to use the expensive Wein cell battery, and not having to use an alkaline modern equivalent. Alkaline batteries drop in voltage over their life, meaning the light meter reading changes as it is used - this means it is effectively useless. The adapter allows the use of silver or zinc-air batteries, which maintain a constant output across their lifespan and therefore a consistent meter reading. Zinc-air batteries in particular are readily available and provide a closer voltage to the one required.

No batteries are included in this product listing, please message us for advice on which batteries are suitable.

The design of this adapter is intellectual property of HPI Technology Limited, and is not stolen from online sources like many other 3D printed products. 

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