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Personalised Lithophane Lamp

Personalised Lithophane Lamp

HPI Technology Limited

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Personalise a lamp shade to illuminate your own or a loved one's favourite images. Each purchase includes everything you need to setup the lamp at home or gift to friends and family - supplied with the personalised lamp shade, the lamp base and an LED bulb.

After being provided (ideally) three photographs, we will first model your lampshade using computer software, before creating a CNC instruction set for one of our many 3D printers to follow and create your item. Creating a high quality output can take several days of machine work, and whilst some imperfections may be visible in the product, the slow printing keeps this to a minimum, as seen in the listing photographs.

Please note, the lamp comes with a plug suitable for use in the UK, but may be suitable for other 50Hz 230V power grids globally - please enquire before purchase if you are unsure. This product, strictly, must only be used with LED bulbs - one is supplied with every purchase.

Please send any images to our customer support email address, with your order number.

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