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BigTreeTech Raspberry Pi 4B Adapter

BigTreeTech Raspberry Pi 4B Adapter


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No longer do you need a Raspberry Pi to run Klipper. The BIGTREETECH Pi4B adapter can serve as a Raspberry Pi 4B when combined with the Raspberry Pi CM4, or with a BTT CB1 core board (equalling performance of a Raspberry Pi 3B).

Equipped with the standard Pi CM4 socket, the BIGTREETECH Pi4B adapter fits all versions of CM4 board, which is ideal and cost-effective replacement for Pi 4 Model B. When fiited with BTT CB1 V2.1 core board, it could replace Pi 3 Model B as well.

Main Features
1. Standard Pi CM4 Sockets:cFits all versions of CM4 board to replace Pi 4 Model B.
2. 40-Pin GPI0: Offering you with a wide range of connectivity to meet users' DIY needs.
3. USB TYPE-C Power Supply Port: Provides a stable power supply.
4. Multiple Interfaces: Comes with onboard 1000M ethernet port, dual micro-HDMI ports, CSI camera port, 4x USB 2.0 ports, etc.
5. Cost-effective to Run Klipper: The combination of Pi4B adapter and CM4/ CB1 costs less, and can be combined with BTT Manta motherboards, which enables you to run Klipper;
6. Wide Application: The combo set of Pi4B and CM4 can be applied in various fields, such as, writing programmes, artificial intelligence, smart home, etc.

It basically puts a CM4 into the footprint of a Pi4B adapter, along with the HDMI ports, USB-C power input, and 4x USB 2.0 ports, along with Gigabit Ethernet.

CSI and DSI is only supported when installed with a CM4 board. 

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