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BigTreeTech Kraken V1.0

BigTreeTech Kraken V1.0


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The BIGTREETECH Kraken V1.0 stands as an advanced 32-bit printer motherboard crafted by Shenzhen Biqu Technology Co., Ltd.'s esteemed 3D printing team, specifically tailored for large-scale printers. Featuring an integrated high-voltage, high-current stepper motor driver, this motherboard streamlines the connection to high-voltage drivers, significantly reducing chassis complexity. The Kraken's space-efficient design optimizes installation, complemented by an aesthetically pleasing silk screen printing with ID-designed heat sinks for effective auxiliary heat dissipation, seamlessly marrying form and function.  

Key Features:

  • Effortless Motor Control. Equipped with 8*TMC2160 drivers, supporting a broad voltage range of 24V-60V, eliminating the need for driver installation and ensuring seamless compatibility.

  • Dual Print Head Efficiency. Utilizing the high-performance H723 chip, the motherboard enables dual print heads to operate simultaneously, facilitated by dedicated ports specifically designed to support their seamless functioning, thereby maximizing overall printing efficiency without compromising quality.

  • Versatile Connectivity Options. Featuring a reserved power supply interface for added convenience, it seamlessly integrates with external Single Board Computers (SBC) like BTT PI, as well as Raspberry Pi, providing enhanced flexibility and control.

  • Support Precision Temperature Control. Supports two channels of MAX31865 and two channels of PT100/PT1000 resistors, ensuring precise temperature control for optimal printing conditions.

  • Expanded Interface Capability. Incorporates two CAN interfaces, allowing for the concurrent connection of dual print heads to EBB (Extruder Breakout Board), enhancing versatility in 3D printing configurations.

  • Robust Motherboard Protection. Implements enhanced protection with an e-fuse circuit, fortifying the motherboard against potential risks and ensuring sustained reliability during extended usage.



ARM Cortex-M7 STM32H723ZGT6 550MHz

Expansion Interfaces

Probe(Servos, Probe), Servo, Filament Sensor, PS-ON, I²C. RGBx2, SPI, SBC (UART), EXP1+EXP2, CANx2, PT100/PT1000x2, USB-A 5V Power, Endstop Portx8,etc.

Driver Input Voltage

HV (24-60V)

Motor Drivers

Onboard TMC2160, support 24-60V, Max 8A driving current for M1-M4, Max 3A for M5-M8

Motherboard Input Voltage

DCIN= DC12V or DC24V

Driver Modes


Heated Bed Input Voltage

BED IN= DC12V or DC24V

Motor Interfaces

M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M8

Logic Voltage


Temp Sensor Interfaces

5x 100K NTC, 2x MAX31865

Heating Interface

Heated Bed (HB), Heater Cartridge

(HE0, HE1, HE2, HEЗ)



Max Heated Bed Output Current

10A, peak 11A

PC Communication


Max Heater Cartridge Output Current

6A, peak 6.5A

Supported Kinematics

Cartesian, Delta, Kossel, Ultimaker, CoreXY

Fan Interfaces

6x 2-pin CNC Fans (FANO, FAN1, FAN2, FAN3, FAN4, FAN5) 2x 4-pin CNC Fans (FAN6, FAN7), 5x Always-On Fan, CNC Fans Voltage (5V, 12V, 24V) Selectable

Recommended Slicer/Console

Cura, Simplify3D, Pronterface, Repetier-host, Makerware

Max Fan Output Current

1A, peak 1.5A

Firmware Support

Klipper, Marlin, RRF

Total Current for Heater Cartridge + Fans

Less than 14A


200 x 113mm

Motherboard Max 5V Output Current

5A (peak 6A)

Mounting Dimensions

193 x 106mm

Motherboard Max 12V Output Current

5A (peak 6A)


Voron PHOENIX,Voron 2.4,Voron Trident,Vzbot,etc.

It can not only support Voron PHOENIX, but also Voron 2.4, Voron Trident, Vzbot, etc.

The on-board 8 TMC2160 drivers support up to 60V, thus Kraken will boost your large 3d printer's power and efficiency.

Kraken's M1-M4 sockets deliver up to 8A,and M5-M8 sockets up to 3A,perfectly blending high-power motor compatibility with enhanced control.

For Kraken, there are dual ports for connecting CAN boards, like EBB SB2240/2209 CAN.

The robust circuit protection will deliver unmatched circuit safeguards that prevent failures and keep your large project going.

There are massive ports to connect other equipments, such as ADXL345, MAX31865, MICROPROBE, etc.

Kraken's detailed parameter table shows the motherboard's voltage, current, interface information, etc.

Kraken Kits include Kraken board, USB-C Cable,DIY Crimp Terminal Set and other BTT gifts.

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