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BigTreeTech Octopus V1.1 Board

BigTreeTech Octopus V1.1 Board


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The BigTreeTech Octopus board is a great 3D printer control board for building highly customised or advanced 3D printers such as a Voron. A total of 8 stepper driver slots and 9 stepper outputs allows for a larger setup, as well as connectivity for accessories like the CR Touch providing good ancillary support.

This board does not include drivers, but they are available from us separately. Please click here.

Features include:

  • 180 Mhz ARM-Cortex-M4 CPU
  • 8 stepper driver slots with 9 stepper outputs.
  • Support for 6 PWM fans and 2 always-on fans.
  • Support for CR and BL Touch.
  • Power failure recovery.
  • No flash pre-installed. Supports Marlin and Klipper.
  • Thermistor input protection and 4 hotend heater inputs.
  • 6 endstop switch inputs.
  • Supports   BTT LFT screen, LCD12864, LCD2004 and more.

This product is for more advanced 3D printer users, as it requires a custom hardware and firmware setup.

This board also requires stepper drivers. Please click here to see them on our store.

Octopus Git with info click here.

Box includes: Octopus Board, USB-C Cable, 10 jumpers.

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