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Biqu B1 3D Printer

Biqu B1 3D Printer


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The Biqu B1 builds on the entry-level 3D printer platform to bring a higher performing printer with many popular upgrades already installed. Some features include the following:

The BigTreeTech SKR Mini (V1.4) mainboard provides near-silent stepper motor operation with TMC2225 drivers and a 32-bit processor. Furthermore, the upgraded board allows for custom firmware flashes and popular add-ons such as mesh bed levelling. 

An integrated touch screen allows for easy printer menu navigation and colourful display. However, if the user wishes, the touch display can be switched off and the printer can be controlled using the control knob.

heated bed and magnetic spring steel build plate allows for easy print removal and improved bed adhesion. Once the print is completed and the bed is cool, it is easily removed from the printer and lightly bent to allow the part to pop free.

A filament runout sensor and power loss recovery help to minimise unexpected print failures.

This printer is a kit, ready for assembly before printing.

Other features:

  • 235x235x270mm build volume.
  • 260 degrees celsius max extrusion temperature.
  • 0.4mm nozzle fitted from factory
  • RGB LED colour customisation
  • Prints PLA, PETG and ABS (enclosure advised for ABS).


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