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Bondtech LGX Pro Large Gears eXtruder

Bondtech LGX Pro Large Gears eXtruder


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A stronger and more robust LGX Large Gears eXtruder for industrial application with 1.75mm filaments.

  • Harder : steel drive train;
  • Faster : higher max feed rate;
  • Stronger : more push force;
  • Tougher : housing with higher heat tolerance;
  • Cleaner : sober design.
  • Just Better!
  • 1x (FREE) Aluminum Interface Plug;

Each LGX® PRO extruder is supplied with:

  • 1x LGX® PRO 1.75mm feeder;
  • 1x Custom Nema17 30mm pancake stepper motor;
  • 1x Bowden Interface Plug (with threaded metal push-fit);
  • 1x 2mm Hex Key (recommended tool);
  • 1x Product Line Information Brochure;
  • 1x Powered By Bondtech sticker.

Also shipping with additional accessories:

  • 3x M3x30 mm Low Head screws;
  • 4x M3x23 mm Stud with 5mm Hex with M3x4 thread;
  • 30mm PTFE tube to use in the Direct Drive Interface Plug.

This extruder only supports 1.75 mm size filament.

The Bondtech LGX® PRO Large Gears eXtruder uses Bondtech’s new Dual Drive Technology based on larger drive gears.

10 cool features of the Bondtech LGX PRO:

  • Stronger 30mm stepper motor
  • Larger drive wheels, for increased filament grip;
  • Filament pre-tension lever, for repeated results;
  • Multi-function interface socket, for tool or application quick swap;
  • Drive wheels’ maintenance windows, for easy cleaning;
  • Compact, light & symmetric design, for increased performance and compatibility;
  • Multiple mounting hole patterns, for easy and flexible setup;
  • Full Hardened Steel Drive Train;
  • PA12 GF housing for enhanced mechanical and thermal resistance.
  • Support longer hotends with the FREE Aluminum Interface Plug;

Use the supplied studs to replace the 4 screws of the stepper motor and use them as additional mounting points.

Be aware the stepper motor threads are made of Aluminum, and they are delicate.
Don’t use too much Torque to tighten the studs.
Preferably use finger force only.

You can find these studs on the accessories bag in your LGX® package.

They have a M3 thread with 4 mm depth.

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