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E3D Revo CR Rapid Change Hotend - 24V - Single Nozzle

E3D Revo CR Rapid Change Hotend - 24V - Single Nozzle

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  • Upgrade your Creality 3D printer to Revo so you can change nozzles cold without special tools and hot tightening hassles
  • No extra mounts or adapters needed: Pre-drilled M3 clearance holes match Creality’s X carriage mounting pattern for easy installation
  • No firmware tweaks: This kit includes a special Revo HeaterCore with a 100K NTC thermistor, which has the same response as the stock Creality thermistor
  • Includes solderless, crimpless, butt splice connectors for easy connection. Wire the HeaterCore into your Creality 3D printer without undoing your entire cable bundle
  • Detailed [upgrade guides] created by us help you get 3D printing quickly


Creality mounting holes. Convenient M3 clearance holes correspond to Creality’s X carriage mounting pattern, so you can get up and running quickly without extra mounts or adaptors. Just reuse the existing M3 bolts!

Easy nozzle swaps. A variety of Revo Nozzles enhance the capabilities of your 3D printer without a difficult nozzle changing processes. Every Revo Nozzle can be changed by hand. No tools, no hot tightening.

Simple, hassle-free connection. We’ve included some solderless, crimpless, butt splice connectors for easy connection to help you get up and running quickly without having to undo your entire wiring bundle.

Better reliability. Revo Nozzles are factory sealed, so there’s much less chance of nozzle leaks, and no hot tightening needed.

Better efficiency. The included Revo HeaterCore makes your 3D printer heat up faster and more efficiently than the stock HotEnd. Start 3D printing right away without annoying firmware adjustments: we’ve integrated a 100K NTC thermistor into this special HeaterCore. This thermistor has the same response as the stock HotEnd, so no firmware tweaks are needed.

Better safety. Thanks to built-in PTC behaviour of the heater, Revo CR will add an extra failsafe against thermal runaways to your Creality 3D printer – providing an extra layer of protection if thermal runaway protection is disabled in firmware.


Revo CR is directly compatible with the following Creality 3D printers: 

Ender 3

Ender 3 Pro

Ender 3 V2

Ender 5

Ender 5 Pro

Ender 5 Plus

Ender 6






Please note:

  • Revo CR can be used with other Creality printers using the NTC thermistor, however you may need to make modifications to the mount and or Z sensor.
  • You may need to adjust the Z height when changing nozzles.
  • Please check whether your specific printer runs 12V or 24V before purchasing and assembling.

 Key features

- Max temp: 300°C

- Works with Revo HeaterCore and Revo Nozzles

- Includes solderless, crimpless, butt splice connectors for easy connection

- 100K NTC thermistor embedded in this Revo HeaterCore

Kit contains

- 5 x butt splice connectors

- 1 x Revo CR HeaterCore:

  • Embedded 24V 40W heater cartridge
  • Embedded 100K NTC thermistor
  • 1x Revo HeaterCore spring

 Note: M3 bolts not provided

Material compatibility


Mount system

Flat mounting, pre-drilled M3 clearance holes that match Creality mounting pattern




Height: 59.10mm

Diameter: 22mm


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