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Levendigs Bambu Lab Hotend Silicone Sock (Multi-Packs Available)

Levendigs Bambu Lab Hotend Silicone Sock (Multi-Packs Available)


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Silicone Sock-X is now available for the Bambu Lab Hotend. Made from durable silicone, with high heat resistance of up to 300°C, the sock ensures a perfect fit and reliable protection for your hotend.

These Silicone socks are designed by levendig|dsgn, they are tailor-made for the Bambu Lab Hotend

This sock is available in black only, unlike other levendig|dsgn socks for other printers. This is because the sock is largely hidden from view.

When using silicone socks for the first time, there may be a smell. The smell will disappear after some usage.

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