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Levendigs Prusa Mini USB Extension Cable Kit

Levendigs Prusa Mini USB Extension Cable Kit


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There are two different designs, one with the USB port on the front of the printer, and one on the side next to the display. The side of the cable which you plug in the printer has a 90 degrees angle so it doesn't get in the way of anything. 

The parts are to extend the USB port on the back of the printer to the front, the upgrade is straightforward. You untighten the screw holding the display mount on the printer, remove the cable and unscrew the display from the plastic part. 

Afterwards, you can use the same screws to attach the display to the newly printed part. To secure the extension cable you can use the included screws. When  you can attach the assembly to the printer and plug both the cables. 

You will need to print the new plastic parts yourself, find them on printables --> PRINTABLES

The installation guide can be found by clicking here.

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